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The capstone of Patricia’s art takes its form in these lively, colorful collages, and the idea for them sprang up in the most unlikely place- the compost pile. As Patricia tired of digging through her compost to find stickers from fruit companies, she came with the idea to start taking the stickers off and saving them on a sheet of paper. Before long, the vibrant colors were inspiring her to create unique one of a kind collages, and she was soon paying her dues to Carmen Miranda, the Brazilian samba singer most well known for her banana covered costumes.

On the welcome page, the viewer is introduced to Patricia's most intricate piece- the collage depicting an imagined meeting between Carmen Miranda and the famous author Nabokov.

Nabokov also worked as a lepidopterist identifying and classifying North American blue butterflies. In this piece the lepidopterist is examining the most exquisite specimen- Carmen Miranda, the most beautiful of all the butterflies.



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